DO SPORT - Carbon Touring

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2022 boards just arrived!

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We are often asked what the difference is between our boards and those made in Asia?

 The answer is simple, we have a meticulous team that works with quality products that meet Canadian environmental standards.


We have grouped together high quality materials including carbon and North American walnut to offer a more luxurious version of our TOURING model.


Here is a board that expresses elegance and performance!


We had demand for a big, stable but fast board so in 2018 we created the Touring 126.


Our Touring 126 was designed for people who want to go on long walks, expeditions, SUP camping or just have a fast board for training. 


Its design not only allows excellent fast driving in a straight line but also good stability despite its narrower width.


A clear coat of varnish covers the board and adds UV protection.

Equipped with transport elastic bands at the front and at the back, it allows the transport of luggage for long walks, expeditions and SUP camping. 

Very good driving in a straight line and good stability.


Dimension : 12'-6 "x 30"

Suggested templates : 250lb and less (variable depending on ability)

Volume: 253 L

Aileron configuration: US box central fin


Also available in kit:

- Board

- Adjustable 2-piece hybrid carbon paddle

- Transport bag 

- Safety leash 10 "