Naish Alana Air S25

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ALANA 10'6

The Alana 10'6 "is a versatile choice for women of all skill levels and sizes, the Alana inflatable is perfect for family fun, hiking or surfing small waves. Stable, these boards offer incredible stiffness / weight ratio, thanks to our new high pressure X-woven Dropstitch material.


The double stringers add key reinforcement in the downforce zone, while its light weight and reduced thickness provide excellent control for easy maneuvers, whether out for a walk or up the nose on small waves. The Alana offers enough space for children to climb aboard or take extra luggage with you thanks to the loading strap in the front. This board is designed specifically thinner than men's boards for a lighter weight. It is also easier

to handle. It's the perfect combination of lightness, stiffness, durability and super easy to use that will make paddleboarding fun from the first try.



Shape All-Around = For versatile use
Cargo Bungee = Carry additional equipment
Large contour = Stable and easy to paddle
High pressure at 20 Psi = higher stiffness


ALANA 11'6

The Alana 11'6 "is a Touring style board, based on our inflatable Glide model. With improved performance, additional capacity and faster paddling than entry level SUP boards, these boards remain very stable. and easy to use. Its 32-inch width provides superior stability, while the shape offers maximum speed with minimal effort. The shorter length, compared to Glide models, makes maneuvering easier for lighter users. Hydroslicks reduce wasted energy by creating a clean water release in the tail.


Additional handles at the front make getting in and out of the water quickly and easily, even on slippery banks. 



Shape Touring = Designed to paddle faster while providing stability
US Fin Box = More fin options + tool-less fin installation
Added deck handles = Easy to get in and out of the water in any situation
Accessory Mount = Attach your GPS or POV camera
High pressure of 20 Psi = superior stiffness


Alana 10'6 x 32 ''

Thickness: 5 ''

Volume: 225L

Max pressure: 20 Psi

Ideal rider weight: up to 190 lbs


Alana 11'6 x 32 ''

Thickness: 6 ''

Volume: 239L

Max pressure: 20 Psi

Ideal rider weight: up to 270 lbs



  • Wheeled bag and pump
  • Compact double action folding pump
  • US Box fin
  • Repair kit
  • Paddle and ankle leash optional


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