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WEEKENDER PLUS! Unbeatable quality-price!

Includes paddle, hand pump, bag and leash



Weight limit of 275lbs


The Weekender Plus has been Retrospec/Ten Toes' legendary board since 2016. Indestructible and rigid, it's our best quality-price choice.


The WEEKENDER is the inflatable paddleboard for every body of water, every day, no matter who uses it. Its 10-foot length and round hull make it an easy board on both calm and rough water. Its shape and size also make it a very stable board for activities like yoga. The sturdy handle in the center of the board makes it easy to carry so that Everyman can carry it extremely easily. The handle hides in the board when you don't need it so it won't disturb you when you're on the water.


Retrospec boards are made of military-grade double-layer PVC and assembled with dropstitch technology. They are virtually indestructible and very easy to transport. Its thickness of 6'' makes it very solid so you will hardly feel the difference with a rigid board. Once deflated, the board fits into a large backpack so won't take up space in your car or wardrobe.


The deck carpet is textured for comfort and stability which means you'll fall less often.


There are 6 metal rings with elastic so you can easily attach your gear or anchor to the front of the board.


The aluminum paddle is surprisingly light and adjusts to all sizes. Once broken into 3 pieces, it fits into a backpack or car trunk without problem.


The board comes with 3 sturdy plastic fins that can be removed in seconds.


The Complete Kit

All our boards come with everything you need to get out on the water this weekend

  • -Comfortable deck mat
  • -Adjustable 3-piece paddle
  • -High pressure manual pump
  • -Carrying backpack
  • -Ankle leash
  • -3 solid plastic fins



  • Materials and Construction: Double-layer ArmorStrength PVC, dropstitch technology, virtually indestructible
  • Valve: Standard H3
  • Deck Pad: textured EVA foam
  • Dimensions: 10’x30”x6”
  • Board weight: 22 lbs
  • Recommended weight limit: 275lbs
  • D-Rings: 6 stainless steel rings at the front and one at the back
  • Storage area: Bungee rope connected to the front on the rings
  • Fins: 3 removable fins
  • Paddle: 3 adjustable and lightweight pieces. Aluminum
  • Pump: High pressure with pressure reader

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