Retrospec Backpack for Inflatable SUP

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The RAMBLER ruck sack is the perfect solution for even easier iSUP storage and transportation. At 1.5x3 ’, this ruck sack is huge and accommodates every board in our line, from the NANO to the JETSETTER. You can fit your deflated and rolled up inflatable standup paddle board through wide opening. The mesh netting at the top and on the sides of the bag allows for air ventilation, so any residual moisture on your board will dry better.

The top opening has strong, hard plastic clips to secure your board even better (though it’s likely not going anywhere anyway). We’ve included a front zippered pocket for easily storing and transporting board accessories, including your fins, leash, and repair kit. The RAMBLER ruck sack is made of heavy-duty nylon, which means it’ll last day in and day out. The two adjustable carrying straps are also made of durable nylon and have a snapping strap that can go across your body for more evenly distributed weight.



  • Impressively durable nylon shell prevents damage to your board and accessories
  • Mesh netting on top and sides for better ventilation to dry board
  • Fits all of Ten Toes’s inflatable standup paddle boards
  • Adjustable sides and shoulder straps for easy transporting and storing
  • Measures about 1x1x3 ’