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11'0" x 34" Suitable for riders up to 115 kg, the River Deluxe SC Standboard offers enough width and length to give you speed and stability for river racing.

The wide nose, inspired by the Hyper Nut model, reinforces your stability and helps you straighten the board when the nose is submerged on steep descents. Just like the 9'6" model, this board is available in your choice of double-layer bombproof construction.

Details: • Length: 11'0" / 335.3 cm • Width: 34" / 86.4 cm • Paddle weight: 60-115 kg • Volume: 356 L • Fins: Track & Slide central fin of 2, 6" and 2.6" glued side spoiler

Welded Rails Technology Each Standboard inflatable stand up paddle board is equipped with welded rails.

Welded rail technology creates a completely waterproof, mechanically bonded seam with no risk of the glue weakening over time. This makes Standboard inflatable stand up paddle boards stronger and more durable.

Wide and Square Nose Improves stability to handle larger descents and helps the board come up if the nose digs in.

Curved Rocker Line The rocker raised at the level of the nose limits burying of the nose and collisions during turns. Raising the stern helps raise the nose when turning and changing direction more easily.

Track & Slide Central Fin and 2.6" Bonded Side Fin The new Track&Slide central fin for river boards has a lower angle of attack and a longer surface area, which allows for a more stable and easier ride on the rocks. Its thick profile makes it more resistant to impacts against rocks. And thanks to its long profile, it is easier to follow the board in the current while remaining maneuverable.

Support Deck EVA sidewalls allow riders to use the slightly raised edges to prop their feet up for extra support in tough conditions. They are now longer to provide that extra stability needed in harsh conditions.

Multiple Carrying Handles Several reinforced carrying handles are present on all corners of the board to make getting on the board easier.

Diamond Groove EVA Pad The diamond groove pad on the deck provides comfortable grip, better control and grip with less risk of slipping when wearing shoes.

Bungee Attachment For storing equipment and supplies The bungee is attached with 4 D-rings that can be used to attach your bags and equipment.

The Outline Shape It has a straight line and a narrow midsection, which allows you to keep the paddle closer to the board. This makes you more comfortable and stable while also improving your tracking and glide.

Its wide stern allows you to back up and make fast, fun turns with total control.

Longer boards make you slide better, shorter boards are easier to turn, and wider boards are more stable.

Re-Cover Storage Bag Designed to minimize weight while maximizing comfort and durability. Wheels are available on each bag to make traveling more comfortable during long walks. The hiking strap is ergonomically curved to ensure good stability on the shoulders.

Deluxe Construction

Fusion Woven dropstitch fabric makes Deluxe boards extra strong and stiff.

Heat-welded rails create a completely waterproof, mechanically bonded seam with no risk of the glue weakening over time. This makes the board stronger and more durable.

Galvanized 2000D rails increase strength and rigidity.

The double chamber (optional) brings the inflatable boards closer to the feeling of a rigid board. The double chamber considerably stiffens the board, thanks to the double sidewalls around the second chamber. This chamber also provides additional safety buoyancy in case of emergency.

V8 Pump - Double Action

Inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. With a switch, double action becomes single action for easy inflation to 15-18 PSI. Delivered with the Tiki pressure gauge to know the pressure of your inflatable board.

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