Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked Questions

Who can Stand Up Paddleboard?

It is a sport accessible to all. You just have to know how to swim. All it takes is one session to be able to stand on the board and know how to use the paddle to maneuver the SUP. You should wear a life jacket for added security.

When can we do Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Technically, as soon as the stream is no longer frozen, it is possible. The enjoyable sessions start in May, sometimes with a wetsuit. From June until the end of September, the water temperature is pleasant and perfect to paddle around.

Is equipment provided during lessons and activities?

Yes. We provide the boards, paddles and life jackets. 

What should we bring?

Swimsuit, water bottle, sun protection and cap, towel, "rashguard" (lycra for more protection against the sun).

How is the water quality in the Milles-Îles River?

We monitor the quality of the water with local authorities in order to offer you a healthy and safe service. To the best of our knowledge, we only organize lessons and outings when the water quality is rated excellent or good.

Do you need waves to do SUP?

No, it is not necessary, in fact it is many easier on calm water. If you are very confident in calm water, it is possible to ride small waves.

How can we reserve?

Rent a SUP