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Flatwater racing on inflatable boards is about to be revived. Like its composite counterpart, the Sprint board is designed to be the fastest on flat water.
With a narrow nose to cut through the water surface, the center of balance is behind the middle of the board, allowing for great acceleration.
The responsive feel you'd expect from a race board is provided by the patented aramid cable, which acts like a spring when put under tension when the board is inflated.
The carbon sole and double deck spars increase the board's rigidity.
The lightness of this racing board has been achieved through the use of woven stitching combined with fusion lamination.
Like the All Star inflatable, the Sprint inflatable is equipped with EVA side plates to give you more control and balance when sailing on the rail or in the chop.
You also get edge release technology to reduce drag, beach start carry handles and FCS bindings for tracking devices, this is the board for serious performance.
The Drop fin housing generates 50% less drag with a hidden knot compartment.


Length: 14'0"
Width: 27"
Our widest outline gives you increased stability, allowing you to save balance energy and use it to maximize the power of your paddle. The narrow tail allows you to turn around buoys more easily and quickly, without compromising your stability. Highly rigid thanks to the central carbon reinforcement on the bottom.


1. Welded rail technology

Every Starboard inflatable paddle board is equipped with welded rails.
Welded rail technology creates a complete, airtight, mechanically bonded joint, with no risk of the glue weakening over time. This makes Starboard inflatable paddle boards stronger and more durable.

2. Patented Airline technology

Free-flowing aramid cable locks the shape of the board when inflated, creating a solid, reliable hull feel.
Patented Airline technology uses a pre-adjusted floating cable. It is attached to the nose, passes under the center and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the board so that, when the board inflates, the cable is under tension and stiffens the board significantly. We measured 1.8 cm less hull deflection in tests, and world champion Connor Baxter swears by this system.

3. Drop Fin Box

The outline improves the hydrodynamic efficiency of the box and reduces drag by 50%.
Intelligent reinforcements reduce weight by 10%.

4. Carbon Twin Stringers

Positioned on the deck to increase rigidity.

5. Carbon Center Stringers

Increases the board's rigidity and reflex feel, while covering the floating cable and creating a smooth surface.

6. Tension adjustment

Cable tension adjustment point. 4 different positions for easy setting of desired tension and rebound feel.

7. Nose cone

Guides the cable to the centerline of the bow, creating the perfect nose shape. Made from recycled fishing nets.

8. EVA support plate

Helps maintain a wider stance for greater stability, and helps regain balance thanks to EVA to push against.
Allows you to lean on the rail to steer the board from the midpoint.
Creates a hollowed stance that makes the board more versatile for paddling in rough waters.
Made of EVA, they are lightweight, soft and flexible.

9. Rail Edge

Creates a sharp edge that allows water to release smoothly for optimal glide and speed.

10. Race Handle

11. Fin mounting

The Airline fin housing locks the cable into the tail of the board, allowing tighter rigging.
The board comes with a Race 23″ net positive fin.

12. Rubber band fastening

13. FCS insert
On the nose to attach accessories such as a GoPro, phone holder, compass or GPS.
STAR Mount supplied with each board for attaching other accessories.

14. Tiki F pump

15. Large bag

16. Free lightweight leash

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