QUATRO - Glide Air 10' - 3 in 1 (Wing-Sup-Windsurf)

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Wing option: With center 9'' dagger fin
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PADDLE: The Glide Air is a wonderful paddleboard for any body of water, from calm lakes to rough seas. Stable and fun to paddle

WING: Practice winging thanks to the removable center fin under the board.

WINDSURF: Install a sailboard thanks to the mast foot integrated into the board.

OPTION: The center fin under the feet is optional. We can install it or not. If you're planning to wing or windsurf, we strongly suggest it, to make the board more efficient for going upwind. If you only plan to paddleboard, you don't need one.

  • Triple layer of PVC
  • Anchor for mounting a windsurfing mast
  • Option of adding an underfoot daggerboard box for wing and windsurfing
  • Extraordinary stability and durability
  • Complete kit: paddle, roller bag, fin, ankle leash, repair kit

The Glide Air is a wonderfully versatile inflatable sup board that follows you wherever you wear it.

It's simple to paddle and travel with. With all our knowledge put into this board, you can simply concentrate on having fun. Once on the water, it's a super-stable yet nimble board, available in two sizes to suit all your needs and preferences.

These are solid all-around boards that condense into a handy rolling backpack.

Quatro Air Sup boards feature a removable soft center fin.

Available in 10'0" x 33" and 11'0" x 34", 240 and 340 liters respectively.

Available in pale white with anthracite cushion.

Supplied in 6" thickness.

Triple layer of PVC

Includes all accessories:

Rolling bag
Repair kit
Paddle included

All the details:

Quatro Air Sups are designed for extreme adventure and everyday use. Advanced triple-layer construction combines light weight with exceptional durability. Whether they hit rocks or fall, these boards don't even flinch.

Hitting a Quatro Air Sup is like touching wood. Constructed from exceptional materials, their shape and rigidity are unsurpassed. As a result, these boards won't bend to your position, which can make a board less stable, track poorly and be sensitive to wind. Instead, Quatro Air Sups offer superb paddle stability, using 6"(5") dropstitch and triple-layer hull constructions. These engineering elements make the board very stiff when inflated to spec, feeling extremely close to standing up on a traditional laminated board.

At Quatro, we love shaping foam, so these Air Sups had to get extremely close to receive our badge of approval. When inflated to 15 PSI, these boards offer a hardboard performance feel and are as super stiff as they are super light.

With light weight comes ease of handling and quick installation. They're easy on boat surfaces, cars, pools and decks. Adults and children love them, as do pets. Being inflated, they're highly impact-resistant, meaning no bumps or dents will occur, even with uncontrollable youngsters.

Quatro Air Sup shapes are fast, stable and easy to maneuver. Designed by Keith Teboul in Hawaii, they're naturally built for the ocean and will work effortlessly on lakes, rivers, when boating, swimming and just having fun all around.

Boards feature generous, comfortable EVA deck traction pads, bow storage elastics, bow and stern anchor/tow/leach rings, double-action pump with pressure gauge, storage backpack with wheels, repair kit and removable keyless. fins.

Quatro Sups come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Built to last, Quatro's exclusive construction ensures durability for many years of use. You'll find the board designed to withstand everyday use in the real world.

These are solid all-around boards that condense into a practical backpack that doubles as a cart.

Quatro Air Sups are made from tough PVC, hard rubber materials and UV protection to create a protective barrier around a super-strong drop-point core. Drop stitching means that thousands of fine polyester threads connect the top and bottom fabric layers, creating an extremely strong bond that can withstand very high pressure. The high pressure gives a rigid shape, which improves paddling performance, creating said clean inflatable board.

Quatro Inflatable Sups can be used for a variety of paddling purposes, from beginners in rental centers and entry-level cruising to speed racing and wave paddling. These exceptional Sups store easily in apartments or in the back of your car.

The fins used in Quatro Air Sups are industry-standard fins that require no screwdriver and are installed in seconds on the beach.

By combining our Hawaii-based research and development with the exceptional experience of technicians working in cooperation with Quatro, state-of-the-art production facilities, premium fabrics of exceptional quality and the use of multiple layers of first-class PVC, the result is an exceptional Air Sup. A true Quatro product.

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