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Several people ask us the question: what is the difference between these two boards apart from the price?

Indeed, it is very important to understand the difference. An inflatable SUP board can last a very, very long time. In fact, we do not yet know the entire lifespan because our oldest rental boards are still in very good condition despite the fact that life is hard on them. Knowing this, it is essential to choose the right board.


The Plus is the main construction of the Retrospec brand, formerly Ten Toes. It's the same indestructible, rigid construction since 2016. It can take it all on its back. The Plus construction has two layers of PVC on the top and bottom. This gives it, among other things, a feeling of increased rigidity and even more resistance to impacts. In 3 years, we haven't seen a single board get pierced. It is our most popular board.


The new LITE construction from Retrospec is the little sister of the PLUS. Brand new since spring 2020, it has entered the increasingly competitive inflatable paddleboard market. With a price under $ 500, it's hard to resist. The inflatable boards sold by supermarkets do not come close to the ankles. It is called LITE because it has only one layer of PVC on the top and bottom. This is what makes it super light at just 17 pounds. On the other hand, it doesn't offer the same stiffness as the Plus. That's why we recommend the Plus construction for people over 150lbs for more comfort and better glide.

Remember, however, that in the end, in our opinion, you will have a better product than other boards of this price that are sold in supermarkets.


The PLUS offers more rigidity and therefore better glide and more control. The LITE has a single layer of PVC which makes it lighter and more compact. The included accessories are the same. In our opinion, people who go out more than once every two weeks during the summer will be more satisfied in the long term with the PLUS construction. Given the life of the board, you'll be glad you invested a little more for a board that can last 5, 10, 20 years. If, on the other hand, you're not sure how to use it and don't want to invest too much at first, the Lite may be right for you. At this price, it's a small investment for the fun you get from it. In any case, you will be very happy with your board once on the water.

Remember the best way to make an informed choice is to try the boards

before buying. This is why we offer the rental of a day or more for most of our models. We also have ambassadors all over Quebec who can make you try the boards.


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