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Winter is coming and you're ready to say see you next year to your board? Here is an article to help you store your board properly for the winter, maintain it and thus keep it for several years.


clean sup board

First of all, the crucial step is to clean your board, we advise you to clean it after each ride.

Cleaning is done in two steps:

1. Washing the board: the board must be rinsed with clean water to prevent elements such as sand, earth, salt from damaging your board. It is essential to rinse it completely, especially near the valve (if it is an inflatable paddle) and the fin box, these areas are the most sensitive and need thorough cleaning. Don't forget the accessories: paddles, fins, leashes, etc.

To do this with an inflated board, use a mild soap mixed with water (half/half) and rub the surface of the board well. IMPORTANT: Avoid strong products, chemicals or solvents.

2. Drying the paddle: Dry your board well in the shade, ideally on a flat surface, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. In the case of an inflatable stand up paddle, so that it can dry optimally, it is recommended to leave it slightly inflated but not completely in order to prevent it from being damaged. Storing a wet board in its bag can create mold and bad smells. Make sure even the hilt and bungies are dry.


holdme sup support, how to store your sup

Once your board is completely dry, it's time to put it away!

In the case of a rigid board , it can be put in its carrying bag or on a wall support (go to our online store to see our magnificent supports made in Quebec by Hold Me creations). The important thing is that the board is safe from accidents, falls and impacts.

In the case of an inflatable board , two choices are available to you: you can store your board inflated, between 8 and 10 PSI in order to prevent the seams from giving way and the temperature changes inside n damage or deform the board.

Store the board flat or straight against a wall. Be careful not to store the board with loads on it, otherwise it will deform permanently.

You can also store your folded board in your bag. You can fold the board in 4 leaving a little air in it. The best thing is not to roll it too tight. It can be stored in its bag or out of its bag. Your inflatable board is made for that, so don't worry about leaving it folded for several months.

Now that your board is ready to be stored for several months, all you have to do is choose a place!

The best places to store a board are in dry, insulated and ideally heated places! House, basement or garage, it is simply important not to store your board in very cold or very hot places.

To sum up, if you want to keep your board as long as possible, clean it regularly, dry it and avoid storing it wet, avoid exposure to the sun, also avoid extreme temperatures, avoid tightening your board too strong in its bag, store it with objects on it to avoid deformation. And of course we don't forget to also clean our accessories: paddles. leash, pump...

PSST! If you're like us, don't stow your board too far away, you might want to hit the water in the first snowstorm or when the ice melts. It is magic!

sup in winter on ice

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