est-ce possible de voyager avec une planche de paddleboard

In this article, we will review our 7 best tips for flying with your inflatable stand up paddle board. We know it seems like a daunting task, but there are many options you can take to make your flight easier, more intuitive, and more affordable!
By following these simple steps, you will ensure that your stand up paddle board, bag and SUP accessories are well protected and arrive at your final destination in one piece!

TIP 1: Buy a high quality SUP backpack

travel with an inflatable paddleboard starboard zen roll
These days, most inflatable paddle boards come with a carry bag, but not all travel bags are created equal. Although features and quality vary greatly, a high-quality iSUP backpack with wheels will allow you to pack and transport your board very conveniently when traveling.

If you purchased a used iSUP or want to upgrade to a comfortable SUP bag that can easily hold all of your gear, we highly recommend purchasing one before your trip. Our SUP MTL Roller Bag is available separately for purchase - it's an affordable bag with plenty of space to hold any full sized board as well as your 3 piece SUP paddle, pump and accessories - everything you need to get on the water. In addition, it is very solid and will protect your board from start to finish.
Of course, the main advantage of this bag is that it has been specially designed for your SUP and its accessories. By putting everything in place efficiently, you minimize the size of the bag overall. And if there's one thing we know about flying, it's that space is crucial.

TIP 2: Buy a three-piece travel paddle

paddle starboard tiki tech
Pack a three-piece travel paddle when you fly with your stand up paddle board. If your iSUP does not come with a 3-piece paddle, there are many options available.
If you can find a basic aluminum model for cheap, a high-performance carbon paddle will allow you to significantly reduce fatigue on the water.
We have two great options that are an upgrade your shoulders will thank you for: the Starboard Lima Carbon and the Blackfish UD Carbon

TIP 3: Roll your pump and paddle into the board

how to pack your paddleboard
It's time to use the deflation function of your pump to remove air from your board. It will be very small in your bag. Then roll your pump and 3-piece travel paddle into your deflated board every time you fly with your stand up paddle board. The board provides a perfect buffer to protect your pump and paddles from unwary ground staff.

TIP 4: Wrap your backpack

wrap your paddleboard bag
Many major airports offer a bag packing service that takes just a few minutes on site. If you choose this solution, remember to check that the airport you are passing through has a baggage wrapping service in the terminal you are departing from.
If this service is not available, you can wrap your luggage using Rhino Wrap. The Rhino Wrap is a stretchy, more durable version of cling film, TSA approved, that includes a handle to make wrapping your luggage quick and easy. Finally, a tarp is an affordable and widely available DIY method for protecting your luggage.

TIP 5: Check the airline’s baggage policy

is it possible to travel with a paddle board

There is a good chance that there will be no charge because a SUP bag like the SUP MTL bag measures just under 62'' linear (addition of the three lengths). Unless a zealous agent, you should save yourself with a standard baggage fee. Otherwise, check the sporting goods baggage policy. There are often exceptions that allow you to check in a non-standard bag at a reduced price.

Whether you'll be charged for "sports gear" depends on the airline you're flying, the class you're sitting in, and ultimately the ground crew checking your bags, so n Don't forget to put on your best smile at check-in or at baggage drop-off to avoid a surcharge.

TIP 6: Maximize your airline's weight limit.

what is the maximum weight to travel with a paddleboard
Most companies allow up to 23kg. Your board with accessories weighs less than that. Why not pack it in with a little luggage but be careful not to exceed the weight limit!

TIP 7: Don’t forget the rest of the useful articles!

what to bring on a paddleboard trip
Finally, don't neglect all the other things you need to pack! Depending on the destination and type of trip, needs may vary. Here are the most useful travel articles

Other solutions

rent a paddleboard while traveling
What if you don't want to take your paddle board on vacation? Hardcore paddlers may want to bring their own board, but you may not be there yet. So there are of course alternatives if you want to do a little SUP during your vacation.

The first solution is to rent a board. Many public beaches have a rental store nearby, often stocked with boards. However, nothing says it will cost you more than baggage fees, especially if you want to rent multiple times.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee of quality in rental stores. They are all privately owned so there is no way of knowing if the stock of boards is new or well maintained. There's also no way to know if the size you prefer will be available on a busy day.
Of course, there is no guarantee that your destination has a SUP rental point. If you want to do a SUP session, you must find out in advance.

Either way, whatever decision you make, it should be based on your ideal vacation! After all, it's a vacation, so choose a plan that will make things easier and more enjoyable.

Have a good trip and keep paddling!

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