Nos 8 endroits coup de coeur pour faire du SUP près de Montréal - {{ SUP Montreal }}
SUP MTL offers take-out rentals for only $ 45 / day or $ 70 / weekend. You are thus independent and you can stay on the water as long as you want, where you want.

So, you rented a board for the weekend and are wondering where to go? There is no shortage of places!

Here is a list of our favorite places to go SUP in the area.

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Boucherville Islands National Park

This Sepaq park is a classic. Close to Montreal, it is easy to access. There may be some current so ideal if you have used it before. Plan to loop around the islands.

Parking: Îles-de-Boucherville Park, 55 Île Saint-Marguerite, Boucherville

Access fee: $ 8.75

Thousand Islands River

This is our favorite place less than 30 minutes from Montreal. The river is quiet, and easy to navigate. You will almost always be hidden from the wind thanks to the many islands. In addition, you are very likely to see herons, beavers, turtles, ducks and many more. There is plenty of access to the water and the majority are free. The best area is between Highway 13 and 117.


Access fees: Free

St-Lawrence river

The River stretches for tens of kilometers in Montreal and there is no lack of access. You just have to know them.


Access fees: Free

Anse-à-l'Orme Nature Park

Completely west of Montreal, you can explore this corner on days with no strong wind.


Access fees: Parking fees per hour or per day


We discovered this place recently. Go to the historic site of the Pointe du Moulin and access by one of the accesses to the water. We recommend it when the wind comes from the west because the water will be very calm unlike the River on the Montreal side. Plan a lunch because there is no restaurant on site.


2500, boulevard Don-Quichotte, Notre-Dame-de-Île-Perrot.

Access fees: Parking fees at the historic Pointe au Moulin site

The Îles de la Paix in Beauharnois

One hour from Montreal, it's a well-kept secret. The water is transparent. We just want to jump into the water! Go see the islands, make a loop around the dikes but avoid going on land because it is a protected area. Avoid if the wind is strong because you will be exposed to the wind.


Access fees: Free

Descent on the Red River

This place is perfect for novices as well as for the family. The water is very shallow and clear. We can see the sandy bottom, with its red tint. The landscapes are also magnificent. Plan to leave a car at the bottom of the river to be able to pick up the car at the top at the end. Don't forget your keys! Otherwise, it is possible to call a taxi


Access fees: none if you have two cars.

Lake Willoughby, Vermont

See the most beautiful turquoise water in the area. It feels like the Mediterranean! Do not hesitate to climb Mount Pisgah after swimming.


Access fees: free.

Safety above all!

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