RIP CURL - Women's Dawn Patrol Jacket 1.5mm

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The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuit Jacket is designed to slip on easily and get the upper hand. Whether you're battling the offshore breeze or morning temperatures, this wetsuit jacket has your torso covered.

* 1.5mm

* front zipper allowing to take off or put on the jacket easily

If like many people, you're looking for the best combo and you won't be hitting the water until at least mid-May, here's the best combo to have!

⭐ Two pieces: a 1.5mm or 2mm long jane/john that allows you to move without having your shoulders covered. We are always hot in the upper body anyway. Then if it's a bit cool, we add a neoprene top that will transform our kit into a 3/2 mm wetsuit. In the end you gain flexibility and versatility for the same price as a 3/2 mm wetsuit

🎯 Long John/Jane:


Neoprene top:

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