VESL - Paulownia Earth 11'0

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This model provides stability for flat water cruising, dynamic ocean surfing and everything else in between. Its refined concave nose leads to the bulk of the volume where you stand comfortably. The shape unfolds to the V in the tail which allows it to turn easily. Everything works well together allowing him to paddle well and surf well.

All VESL boards are molded boards giving them more durability and lighter weight. ACT (Advanced Compression Technology) compression mold is the most advanced among all mold types

The shape of the 11'0 is able to handle surf zone and flat water paddling conditions with efficiency for the user. It works well in surfing and its length allows for paddling in small or large waves. In flat water, the glide of the 11'0 is greater than that of shorter SUP boards. Board weight 24.5 lbs

All of our All Around models are equipped with Snap-In fins and provide great stability, whether in flat water or dynamic surfing, and everything in between. Its refined concave nose leads to the main volume where you stand comfortably. The shape flares out to the V of the tail which allows it to turn easily. Everything works well together, making for good paddling and good surfing.



Length: 11"0"

Width: 32"

Board weight: 24.5lb

Volume 202L


-Respect the environment

-Denser foam

Eco-molded blanks are molded under a single pressure, leaving no EPS foam waste.

-Stronger and lighter

-Zero waste of EPS foam

-Consistent board shape with 100% accuracy.

HEATED COMPRESSION MOLDING TECHNOLOGY: All VESL boards feature the most advanced compression molding technology. The superiority of molded boards is better strength and durability with lighter weight. The average weight of a board has been reduced from 2 to 3.5 pounds. Depending on the different sizes, the strength of the board has been improved by 25 to 30%. The rails, nose and tail are reinforced and a unidirectional Kevlar/bamboo patch has also been added.


-Made in a precision heated compression mold, created from a highly advanced mold cap.

-Low density, stringer-free EPS core, CAD designed, machine cut and hand finished.

-Laminated with the best epoxy resins and fiberglass fabric.

-All components, fin boxes, butterfly handle, leash and deck plugs are placed in high density foam blocks.

-Kevlar and bamboo support area

VESL Paddle Board Company - Born and raised in the sea, VESL prides itself on quality, durability and performance. We spend our time on the water, surfing and paddling in all types of conditions. VESL sup's are built with strength, using simple, clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Influenced by an outdoor lifestyle with an appreciation for adventure, VESL will take your SUP experience to the next level. We are passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding and we provide our friends with top quality Stand Up Paddleboards, SUP paddles and Paddleboard accessories at the best value. Join us on our journey and we will see you there...

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