STARBOARD - Enduro Ud Carbon 3 pcs

Title: Small Blade
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3-piece, adjustable

Hybride Carbon

This paddle is incredible in its range of uses, from beginners to our world wave surfing champion Zane Schweitzer.

This paddle has a direct, powerful and ultra-precise shape, with lateral concaves that will change from zero to hero.

The wide tip means you'll always have maximum efficiency in your paddle stroke, even when you're not fully immersed in the water. This same feature is also very useful for achieving stability in waves, a fact underlined by the 3 World Championship titles won in the last two years.


The entire paddle is laminated with unidirectional carbon for strength and reflex, while minimizing weight.
The rail is made from an infusion of carbon filament to improve impact strength.
The core is made of lightweight PVC.
Available in Enduro shape, all sizes with carbon filament-wrapped shafts.

The pronounced 4 concaves set a new standard for high-performance paddling.
The Enduro is more direct in the water: the first grip is incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence thanks to more fluid water around the blade.

New super grip changes the way you row.
The top is flat with a wide grip that creates powerful support for the entire paddle.
Even if you deflect the paddle slightly at an angle, the power is still at its maximum.
Especially effective in side winds and for following a precise line of navigation.

What makes the Enduro blade so versatile is its angle. With an angle of 13°, the blade works in many different conditions. It's the perfect angle to push you out of the water fast enough to catch a wave. It's a great angle for cruising on a lake as it won't require too much technique to achieve a pleasing speed.


Teardrop blades have a powerful grip due to the wide area on the tip. This shape is ideal for powerful paddlers and surfers who really need to dig in to start fast and maximize every stroke.


Comes with every paddle. Use the trash picker as a useful tool to collect plastic and other waste while paddling. It's made from recycled plastic and comes with every paddle. Store waste in a bag or pocket it until you reach shore.


  • Handle diameter: 29 mm
  • Flex: S35
  • Blade: size S and L
  • Weight 3 parts: approx. 680 g

How to choose the size of your paddle blade?

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