DO SPORT - Touring 11'6 - Double Chamber

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NEW CONSTRUCTION double bedroom! This construction offers even more rigidity to our board while maintaining a great lightness with its MSL material. In addition, the second bedroom provides additional security for adventurers! Our new 2021 Touring board offers all the benefits of inflatable boards. Perfect for expeditions. You'll feel all the freedom you want without sacrificing speed and performance. All you have to do is jump on this board and go on an adventure. Our reinforcements on the rails allow exceptional rigidity. 

Dimension : 11'6 "X 30" X 6 "

Maximum weight capacity : Up to 200kg (440lb)

Volume: 300L

Also available in kit:

- Board

- Adjustable 3-piece hybrid carbon paddle

- Wheeled transport bag

- Safety leash 10 "

-Pome double action

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