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The Tenacious Tape Neoprene Patch is a heat-activated fabric patch that easily repairs tears and holes on neoprene gear such as waders, wetsuits, boots and gloves. It includes a special liner that provides additional abrasion resistance and can be used to reinforce high wear areas.

With Tenacious Tape Neoprene Patch, it's easy to repair tears and holes on anything neoprene. Formerly known as Iron Mend, simply cut the patch to size and use a household iron to create a permanent repair on waders, wetsuits, boots and gloves. This iron-on fabric patch is useful for reinforcing seams and high-wear areas, including elbows, knees and underarms. Its special lining also gives water sports equipment additional abrasion resistance to maintain its original appearance. Use the Tenacious Tape Neoprene Patch to extend the life of your expensive neoprene equipment and accessories.

Iron-on - Allows you to easily make heat-activated repairs on neoprene waders and wetsuits.
Permanent - The repair kit extends the life of neoprene equipment by providing a long-lasting solution to tears.
Soft - Stretches with the material making it ideal for repairing and strengthening elbows and knees.
Reduced Wear - Designed with a specialized liner that flexes and provides additional abrasion resistance.
Versatile - Cut this patch 10" x 6" for all types of neoprene repairs; it is safe to use on drysuits, spandex and even Lycra®.

Material: neoprene
Black color
Size: 10" x 6"
Adheres to: neoprene, rubber, lycra, spandex and latex
Application: iron-on
Application temperature: room temperature
Washable: yes
Storage: in a container
Made in the USA

This stuff is the BOMB!

This product has saved 2 pairs of expensive road bike shorts. One $80 pair with a nickel-sized hole (my fault) and one on a brand new $100+ pair that had a quarter-sized manufacturing flaw. Best $13 I've spent in a long time. I've worn and washed the patched $80 pair at least 30X and the patch is still 100% attached - I don't think it will ever come off.

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