SIPABOARDS - Drive Fisherman Electric Board

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Self-inflating board: The E-Sup is equipped with a self-inflating function. Our X-Woven Drostitch core is always inflated to the optimal pressure, making the board stiff and agile on every ride.


The patented water jet motor is fully integrated into the board. The transmission works as a paddle assist system, pushing the rider up to 6kmh and providing over 3 hours of paddling on a single charge. A boost of excitement and confidence under your feet


Simple and easy to use. The board is controlled by a Bluetooth remote control mounted on the paddle. just press and go.

He is the fisherman's true friend. Cast your hook, relax and pull out the plugs. We worked closely with SUP fishermen to develop this one. Stable and wide to allow you to add your equipment. Anchor your cooler, rod rack or add a bench for added comfort.

  •  Electric SUP and carbon paddle, Paddleboard, with integrated electric motor and 3-piece paddle.
  •  Stable (11'x35'.4''x6'') and light (41 lbs). Constructed from X-Woven drop stitches.
  • Battery life The batteries have a battery life of 3 hours.





Board, motor, batteries, Bluetooth controller, carrying bag, carbon paddle. fin, ankle leash and other accessories for charging batteries

Very stable for increased confidence
11' long, 35.4'' wide and constructed of super lightweight MSL droptitch.

Up to 3 hours of battery life
Expandable batteries provide more battery life and range. Only 40 minutes to recharge a battery.

With the possibility of purchasing additional batteries at very low prices.


The Sipaboards Fisherman is a sturdy board with plenty of space for all the gear you'll need to catch big fish. Its motor is quiet enough not to spook the fish and fast enough to help you trawl. With no less than 17 added D-rings, you'll be able to anchor, attach nets and all the other accessories outdoor enthusiasts need. Use the motor's LED lights to attract fish, cast and reel in. This board is a companion that will take your fishing stories to another level!

Fisherman is the board that takes you where the fish are biting. You'll be in your element, tossing and retrieving all day long. To catch bigger fish, you'll start the motor and paddle out, securing your fishing rod to fish behind you.

We worked extensively with fishing and paddleboarding professionals to give them exactly the SUP they were asking for. Here is the Fisherman!

Engine Specifications

Welcome to Sipaboards 2.0 jet engine: our improved solution delivers optimized performance with reduced noise. It is powered by the new Dual+ modular battery system which allows you to use 180 Wh for electric jet rides lasting up to 3 hours. The built-in compressor will inflate the board to optimal pressure while the LED lights will illuminate your surroundings with 15k lumens and send you on a special nighttime adventure. Made from high quality polycarbonate, our product also includes special protection against debris.

Weight and dimensions
Length: 11 feet
Width: 35.4 inches
Thickness: 6 inches
Volume: 340 l
Weight of the board with motor: 19 kg
Weight of the board without motor: 14 kg

The Neo, lighter than the rest of the family, is made from the highest quality MSL (monocoque structural laminate) and a high-density dropstitch core. The MSL core provides rigidity and stability, while ensuring lightweight construction for maximum maneuverability.

The boards feature dual-rail side reinforcements for added durability and breaking strength.

The support surface of the Neo is covered with EVA foam providing good grip and comfortable navigation even if you decide to paddle for longer.

Further, faster, safer.

Discover a new way to enjoy the outdoors. Building on the happiness, serenity and unique exercise of paddleboarding, SipaBoards add pleasure and safety. Conquer the waters and explore the world on the original e-SUP. It will open doors to places you never dreamed of reaching.

Fully charged to handle whatever comes your way.

Feel empowered every time you go out. The winds change, the tides turn and the currents pull. But with a paddle assist system under your feet, you're in charge. With the fully integrated SipaDrive, you'll never notice it's there, until you need it. Just press a button to exceed your limits.

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