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The famous ACE racing board from Starboard was a first in the industry. It's a design that reinvents the downwind racing board. Initially introduced as a 12'6" SUP Race board and making its debut at the Battle of the Paddle in 2009, the ACE (initially named "The NEW") was available in various iterations and sizes from 12'6" to 14'0" models between 2009 and 2021. This year, the ACE is reborn in an entirely new range of sizes for the latest downwind innovation: Downwind SUP Foiling. After numerous tests, we also found that the ACE Foil was a crossover board not only for downwind SUP but also as a Wingboard. The ACE Foil is a streamlined and reduced-size range, available in four different sizes from 6’9′′ to 7’10′′. The new ACE Foil features the iconic pin tail design for increased efficiency, takeoff, and downwind tracking. The shape is designed to mimic the most streamlined form found in nature, a teardrop, and the slightly set-back stance area provides the paddler with a flat, stable position and a more connected feel on the foil.


7'0 x 20'' 7'4'' x 21.5''


  • New ACE outline:

The drop shape is the most efficient shape, offering regular volume and a stable form.

  • New narrow width:

Designed for downwind speed and quick takeoff. The goal of the Ace Foil is to provide a super-fast acceleration board to quickly catch bumps and accelerate onto the foil.

  • New pin tail:

Tracking and efficiency are two key aspects of the pintail design. The pintail provides an excellent path for catching bumps, while bringing the water back together, allowing for more efficient takeoff and landing with less board touching the water.

  • New rounded rails:

The rounded rails were originally designed to make the board easy to use in choppy ocean conditions. This same concept has been brought to the Ace Foil model, which not only makes it easy to use in choppy conditions but also gives the board an incredible spring when pumping to get onto the foil.

  • New rocker:

The rocker has been finely tuned for speed, spring, and big bumps. The rockerline has been tested in various conditions, from flat water to ocean swells.

  • New 16'' foil box:

With many iterations of downwind foils on the market, the 16" foil box accommodates all foil preferences. This downwind model features a "more forward" box for an adjusted and comfortable downwind foil.

  • New board sock:

Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches, and UV damage. Made from stretchy polyester, it fits various board shapes. Ensure optimal board maintenance with the iconic blue sock, complete with a secure drawstring.

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