STARBOARD - All Star Blue Carbon Sandwich 2024

Cut: 14'0 x 20.5''
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It is without a doubt the most successful board in the world, in all conditions.

It will suit both beginner runners and Champions; the All Star has achieved countless victories in the various international and world championship races. The All Star is the board of choice for all conditions, it is our most versatile racing model

The All Star recently won 12 medals at the recent 2023 ICF World Championship in Thailand, including 6 gold medals

🏅Sprint – Noic Garoid

🏅Technical – Connor Baxter

🏅Technical Master – Marie Buchanan

🏅Long Distance – Noic Garoid

🏅Long Distance – Espe Barreras

🏅Long Distance Master – Marie Buchanan


“In this market, the All Star is undoubtedly the Stand Up Paddle board which has won the most victories. In every race, there will be at least one All star on the starting line, that's guaranteed. Benefiting from many years of research and design, with new improvements every season, the All Star has never stopped being a little more efficient each time”. ~SUPConnect Magazine


The refined V-shaped design on the hull turns out to be the concept which today offers the most performance and stability to the All Star.



• Our strongest and lightest board manufacturing technology available
• Super lightweight biaxial carbon is laminated across the entire standing area, and throughout the hull
• Stronger 150g Biaxial carbon wraps the nose and rail, providing a better resistance ratio and more efficient flex.
• High-density PVC is used in the standing area, as well as throughout the hull, maximizing long-term strength and durability.


A new round tail promotes better hydrodynamic flow on the rear of the board, with less drag and faster gliding.


The area in front of the cockpit has been hollowed out to save weight and give the rider more space in the standing area.


The inclination of the deck area where you stand has been adjusted for a more comfortable position when downwinding and better recovery when exiting turns. The whole also benefits from a reduced volume which also contributes to a substantial reduction in weight.


Softer, rounded rails run the full length of the board. This new shape of rail that we have found is the one that provides the most stability and ease of use. You will have total control of your board in all conditions.


All new drainage systems are integrated into the board, with much larger drainage openings, to promote faster water drainage. A capsule partially covers them under the hull.


The refined V-shaped design on the hull of the board strongly contributes to giving this All Star a higher level of performance and stability, never before equaled. This V-shaped rear hull promotes even better tracking, while generating more control on flat water and in surf, which will allow the rider to relax more.


For better performance in rough conditions, the high rails give you better control in rough conditions while limiting water entry into the cockpit and underfoot. Incredible stability is thus obtained thanks to the low and recessed shape of the cockpit, allowing you to row on narrower boards, without losing stability.


The All Star excels in technical/beach racing. The handles are adjustable using a screw system that allows you to change their position according to your needs.


The 10″ fin box allows you to adjust the position of your fin depending on the type of race. Short distance races with buoy crossings will require the fin to be moved further forward for the benefit of rapid turns, while for long distance races, a fin set further back may be favored.


Designed for larger ocean chop, the deflector diverts water from entering the standing area.


Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches and UV damage. Made from stretchy polyester, it adapts to different board shapes. Take special care of your board with this iconic blue protective sock with a secure drawstring closure.


NEW 14’0″ x 28″

Length: 14’0” / 427 cm
Width: 28” / 71.1 cm

Builds available:
• Blue Carbon

This model is aimed at the heaviest runners, weighing up to 110, as well as lighter intermediate runners who want to enter the world of running and move to a higher level of performance. This 28″ wide All Star is the one that offers the most volume and stability.

NEW 14’0” x 26”

Length: 14’0” / 427 cm
Width: 26” / 66 cm

Builds available:

• Blue Carbon Sandwich
• Blue Carbon

This 26″ wide All Star will accompany you in all conditions. It has been acclaimed by all competitors who want to have fun and perform during their weekend races, whatever the body of water they encounter. Its round tail offers excellent maneuverability and a lot of efficiency. This new All Star has been redesigned to be more predictable in ocean conditions, especially downwind.

NEW 14’0” x 24.5”

Length: 14’0” / 427 cm
Width: 24.5” / 62.2 cm

Builds available:

• Blue Carbon Sandwich
• Blue Carbon

It was already probably the most versatile model in the range in previous years, but this new version becomes even more efficient thanks to the improvements made this year: in particular the round tail, the new shape of the nose, the extended cockpit and the system of more efficient drainage.

This 24.5″ width All Star will be an excellent choice for all rowers weighing up to 95kg and navigating on varied bodies of water.

NEW 14’0” x 23”

Length: 14’0” / 426.7 cm
Width: 23” / 58.4 cm

Builds available:

• Blue Carbon Sandwich


This is the most popular model of the previous edition of the All Star. This new 23″ wide version is now more efficient than ever thanks to its round rear, its more balanced rocker line and its extended cockpit, while maintaining ideal volume distribution.

It is the widest model used by high-level riders, also very often acclaimed by our Team riders.

The 23-inch All Star will be a great board for riders up to 90 kg.

NEW 14’0” x 21.5”

Length: 14’0” / 426.7 cm
Width: 21.5” / 54.6 cm

Builds available:

• Blue Carbon Sandwich


This is the latest in our range. This 21.5 wide All Star fills the gap in performance required between advanced level rowers and Elites. This model represents a fantastic option for advanced riders, or those of heavier weight, as well as for elite riders who still want a little more width in more difficult ocean swell conditions. This 21.5 model offers fantastic speeds, there is no doubt that it will become a reference choice for most of our dream team riders.

NEW 14’0″ x 20.5″

Length: 14’0” / 426.7 cm
Width: 20.5” / 52 cm

Builds available:

• Blue Carbon Sandwich

This is our narrowest All Star in the range. It is intended for the most advanced level riders, as well as those weighing less than 75 kg.
This 20.5 inch All Star is a reference board for light professional level riders.

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