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Our goal was to create a fast, easy-to-use, thin racing board for technical racing, small bumps and surfing.

This range falls between the Sprint and the All Star, the Sprint being our fastest flat-water model and the All Star being our all-conditions racing SUP and the winningest board of all time.

After seven series of prototypes and extensive testing with many riders, we've arrived at a design that offers impressive acceleration, balanced glide, low bow splash and solid cornering stability.


- Faster acceleration - The low nose rocker and narrow nose outline increase acceleration and overall efficiency on the flat. This acceleration is essential for technical racing, beach starts and explosive sprints after turns at the buoy.

- Balanced trim - Refined rocker, outline and even volume placement create a balanced glide.

- Solid turning and stability from the tail - the wider tail outline combined with the flat deck make for very comfortable and stable movement during the turn.

Our new Gen-R is a key model for surf racing and all types of paddling. The slightly recessed deck has been optimized to offer great stability while being easy to use for beach starts and board returns. The lower rail height and reduced nose thickness are features much in demand (especially by our lighter riders) for technical racing, turning at the buoy and handling in choppy conditions. We think the Gen-R is a good compromise between the Sprint model for flat water and the All Star model for the ocean. What's more, young riders will love this board for its speed and ease of use.


14'0" X 29"
The surf and flat-water racing model for people weighing up to 120 kg and lighter intermediate riders who want to enter the world of racing and take their performance to the next level.
The 29" model is our largest and most stable Gen-R model, featuring an easy-to-use design, a flat footprint for beach starts and easy recovery from falls. The Gen-R is also our top range for surf and technical racing, and is a fantastic crossover for flat water and semi-hilly conditions.

14'0" x 27"
Designed as the board of choice for riders up to 110 kg, the Gen-R is for technical racing and surfing, as well as small chop. The Gen-R 27" is a fantastic model for intermediate riders and taller riders who want to increase their speed on the course.

14'0" x 25"
The 25" will be one of our most popular Gen-R models because of its ability to suit a wide range of people in a variety of conditions. Riders up to 100 kg will love the Gen-R for technical surfing and racing, small chop and semi-flat water racing. Tailor your Gen-R model to your racing preferences with multiple handle positions for beach racing, and the new 10" fin housing lets you choose your favorite racing fin position.
The slim profile and lightweight construction are an exciting addition to the Starboard range and a much-anticipated model for offshore and flatwater racing, with faster acceleration, excellent surf performance and an easy-to-use design for beach starts and turns at the buoy.

14'0" x 23"
Designed for intermediate and elite riders, the Gen-R 23" is the long-awaited model for technical racing and small chop.
The slim profile, flat deck design is a popular concept for ease of use in beach starts, ease of turning around buoys - with the wide tail design - and versatility for light bumps, surf races and sprints. The 23" model is the flat-deck racing board of choice for riders up to 90 kg.


1. Nose tip - The narrow nose tip is designed to slice efficiently through flat water and ocean bumps alike. The nose rocker shares the Sprint's genetics, extending the water line for faster acceleration and extended glide. While the low nose rocker helps with early bump detection, the rider must revert to trim when sailing over bumps.

2. Nose volume - The nose volume is designed to withstand average ocean chop and perform well in technical racing, surfing and flat water. It is generally thinner than the All Star by about 4 cm.

3. Semi-recessed deck - The deck has been designed to have a slightly lowered plate for stability. At the same time, the sidewalls are low, making it easier to get off the beach and back on the board.

4. Round rails - Soft, round rails run the length of the board. This keeps the board balanced in chop and predictable in surf and downwind. Round rails are wide for added stability and balance.

5. Flat bottom - The best bottom shape for all conditions, the flat bottom is fast in all situations, from surf to sprint. The flat bottom is very predictable and can be controlled on the flat as well as in the chop.

6. Wide Tail - This model features a wide tail and a precise release. Turns are very easy on this model, and the wide tail gives you great control in the surf.

7. Unique drainage hole - The unique central drainage hole allows water from the semi-recessed deck to drain completely. Although there's virtually no water on deck while paddling, the center drain hole allows excess water to drain away from the cockpit.

8. Multiple handle positions - The Gen-R is the specialist for technical and beach racing. The handles are modular, thanks to our screw system that allows you to fine-tune handle positioning.

9. 10" Fin Box - The Gen-R is our first racing model to be equipped with a 10" fin box to best fit riders' fin preferences. We've fitted the Gen-R with a larger fin box for fine-tuning. Shorter races will benefit from a fin further forward for fast turns, while longer races will suit a fin further back in the housing. The position of the housing varies for downhill riding, as some racers prefer more or less trajectory when surfing over bumps.

10. Thinner profile, lightweight construction - One of the main design criteria for the Gen-R was lightness, the thinner profile of the technical race board. This much-anticipated model is built to be thinner to enable faster acceleration, easy beach starting and great performance in waves and around buoy turns. The thinner profile also helps maintain control in crosswinds and side chop.

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