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The Generation is Starboard's best-selling model, with Supboarder magazine claiming that "every paddler needs a board like the Generation".

A true 3-in-1, the Generation offers plenty for all types of riders and conditions. Whether you're a weekend paddler looking for speed, prefer to explore with friends and carry gear, or eventually want to get into the waves and surf, the Generation does it all.

The Generation offers a lot of value and progression possibilities on a single board, meaning you can choose to race, tour or surf depending on your level.

The narrow nose makes the board fast and efficient, while the parallel outline gives you solid stability and comfort, with a narrower tail that's easy to turn and maneuver in waves.

The 14'0" models are the preferred option if you want to reach higher top speeds for racing and paddle longer distances on tour, while the 12'6" models remain more maneuverable and are easier and faster to turn in the waves.


Length: 14'0"
Width: 28"
Designed for riders up to 110 kg, the 28" is the original size that combines speed and stability, giving you the best of both.


The Generation can be described as a cross between touring, surfing and racing. It's designed to be a simple choice for all conditions. The tail is refined to be sharper and fitted with thruster-type fin boxes.
This means the Generation will perform well in surf and ocean swells.
The Generation is also equipped with accessories such as bungee straps to secure touring equipment and a carry handle for easy transport.


1. FCS insert - on the nose of the board, you can mount accessories such as a GPS phone, navigation light or camera.

2. Round Vee - Helps lift the board to accelerate faster and maintain a higher top speed. It also floats over chop smoothly, making it versatile to cope with all conditions.

3. Bungee Tie Down - Directly in front of the holding area, it's convenient and accessible for stowing all gear when touring or cruising.

4. Recessed cushion - lowers your center of gravity for greater comfort and stability. The flat deck lets you move freely as you trim the board and surf the tail.

5. Deep double concave - supports the round Vee with stability directly underfoot.

6. The outline - The fairly parallel outline gives you a very predictable and controlled glide. The nose allows rapid acceleration during sprints as it floats on the surface of the water. The tail tapers into a square shape, allowing very responsive turns in the surf and fast turns on the buoys.

8. Rail Tuck Edge - The rails are round to prevent the nose from catching, tapering in the middle to create a stable platform, all the way to the sharp edge of the tail to carve into the surf.

9. Gradual Nose Kick - Helps keep the board from diving into the surf and downwind, as well as lifting over leeward chop. The curved rocker is fast on the water, smooth in the waves and very efficient in the chop.

10. Rail Thickness - Maintained throughout the board's profile, giving you a balanced glide from nose to tail. The Generation is thinner than a Touring or Race board, making it lighter to maneuver and easier to carry.

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