STARBOARD - Lima Tiki Tech Skinny Carbon 2pcs

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2 pieces, adjustable

Extraordinary for small hands thanks to the thinner handle. One of our most popular paddles

The Lima is designed specifically for long rides and Touring

Weight: 600g



The concave on the power face guides water through the blade, controlling wobbling and increasing water flow speed.
The edge defining the concave starts with a round shape at the end of the blade to smoothly separate the water. It then becomes sharper to dictate its trajectory to the water and stabilize the blade.
All of your power is transferred in a straight forward motion because you no longer have to worry about paddle alignment in the water.


The lima has a unique, narrow and flat profile, which allows you to pull the blade very close to the rail of the board, giving it a very nice line. Combined with a 10° angle, the power phase is very efficient and all your energy is directed forward.


The new Super Handle changes the way we paddle.
The flat top and wide grip create powerful new leverage across the entire paddle and blade.
You can direct the paddle on slight angles while keeping all its power.
Especially good for crosswinds and keeping the board on your set course.


Supplied with each paddle
Use the trash collector as a useful tool for picking up plastic and other trash while paddling. It is made from recycled plastic and comes with every paddle. Put the trash away in a bag or bag it until you reach the shore.


  • The strong protective top sheet covering artwork and surface finish.
  • The full length UD Carbon stringer improves reflex characteristics and strength.
  • Complete ABS track.
  • Extended reinforcement on blade neck for greater overall strength
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