STARBOARD - Spice Blue Carbon 8'2"

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The Spice is an all-new board range that gives you incredible rail turning, impressive speed through the sections and instant dynamism out of the turn.
The design was conceived to offer more performance and progression than the Wedge, while being easier to use and more forgiving than the Pro.
The unique shape of the beveled rail makes turns both ultra-responsive and easy. The slightest pressure of the foot and the board rolls in the desired direction.
The Spice's performance on all waves means it can adapt to all conditions, from small beach breaks to overhead point breaks.
The Spice was developed in Portugal with shaper Luis "Lacrau", where it was tested by a number of riders in different conditions.
With its slim, beveled wing tail and concave tail shape, the design elements that make up this board work in harmony, giving you a ride that synchronizes speed, power and flow.
Quad and thruster options let you choose the tricks you want to perform.
From the lightest to the heaviest, from enthusiasts to pros, the Spice range offers a size for everyone.



Ideal for riders weighing up to 210lbs. The 8'2" was Trevor Tunnington's favorite model during development in Portugal.
This size is easy to paddle and responds in a flash to the thin bevelled rails.
Fast, stable and precise, its performance defies its size.


Length: 8'2
Width: 30.75
Thickness: 4.4


Crosses waves and reduces weight in turns.


Ensures stability and extends the rail line for faster speeds.


Reduces front-end weight for improved handling and speed
in turns.


Offers 3 distinct features:

Beveled rail creates a narrower planning zone, generating more speed and acceleration down the line.
The angle of the bevel allows the rail to roll effortlessly, making the board highly responsive to wave-face pumping and sinking.
The bevel creates a thinner, pinchier rail, so you don't have to apply as much foot pressure to initiate turns.


Creates a break in the rail line, stability forward, while tapering behind the wing for much more maneuverability.


Allows you to float and carry speed along the line and momentum
in small waves



A simple concave ensures speed, extending into a double median section
and a slight vee at the tail for maneuvering and switching from one rail to the other.


For better control.


The smooth rocker has a progressive nose and tail kick, offering the right combination of paddle speed and maneuverability.
The nose rocker prevents the nose from diving into waves and catching on turns, while the tail rocker helps the nose pivot.


Allows you to use quad fins, propulsion fins and double fins with a small central nubster. You can choose the fin of your choice to suit your style and wave conditions.
All models come with a 4.7 at the front and 4.5 at the rear. The fin angles have been modified, with the front for greater maneuverability and less angle at the rear for better handling in turns.

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