STARBOARD - Lima Tuffskin Hybrid Carbon 2pcs

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Some paddlers are even convinced that this Lima can propel the board faster through the water.

It's the high-performance paddle par excellence!

Comes apart in 3 pieces to fit easily into an inflatable board bag.

The concave on the underside of the blade guides the water along its entire length, preventing cavitation and increasing water flow speed.
The edge defining the concave is more rounded at the tip of the blade, to gently separate the water. This provides greater precision and stability once the blade is in the water.
All your power is then transferred in one simple movement, so you don't have to worry about aligning the paddle in the water.


The Lima's slim, narrow profile brings the paddle very close to the board as you paddle, improving your line of sight. Added to this is a 10° angle that delivers all the power straight to the front.

The new Super Handle changes the way you row.
The top is flat with a wide grip that creates powerful support over the entire paddle.
Even if you deflect the paddle slightly at an angle, the power is still at its maximum.
Especially effective in side winds and for following a precise line of sailing.


Supplied with every one of our paddles.

Use this hook attached to your paddle as a useful tool for picking up litter found in the water. It's made from recycled plastic and comes with every paddle. Collect garbage in a bag or carry it to shore.

The entire paddle is laminated with unidirectional carbon to provide strength and reflex while minimizing weight.
The rail is made from an infusion of carbon filament to improve impact strength.
The core is made of lightweight PVC.
All sizes with carbon-wrapped shaft.
- Suitable for larger rowers who use longer handles.

The 3 parts of the handle connect to each other using a secure spring pin system. An additional clamp system is also provided to keep play to a minimum when rowing.
When completely disassembled, the paddle measures just 91 cm and slips easily into the carry bag.
The wide Tiki clamp allows quick, effortless attachment/release.

Weight: 500 g

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