TOP 7 des infos à savoir (Mercredi What'SUP) - {{ SUP Montreal }}

#1 How to hold your paddle well?

As you can see in the photo, the best way to hold your paddle is with the most open angle. When you paddle on water, this will allow you to reach as far as possible in front of you and to move as much water as possible during your entire movement, until the end. 😁

Feel free to share this advice with your friends who are just starting out.

#2 Can you leave your board inflated all summer?

YES it's possible ✅ You can leave your board inflated all summer! No need to get tired pumping 🥵

If you have a place to store your boards, clean them well with a towel to remove all traces of impurities then lower the pressure in the board by barely deflating it because the temperature increases the pressure in the board and can potentially cause damage.

#3 What equipment is required when wearing our life jacket? 😎

- A sound device (whistle)
- A waterproof flashlight if you are sailing after sunset

It is important to note that if you are not wearing your life jacket you must have it on the boat and be equipped with the following accessories:

- A sound device (whistle);
- Waterproof flashlight if you sail after sunset
- A 15 meter floating heaving line.

*Note that the life jacket is mandatory at all times on board your SUP ⚠️
In the absence of a flotation device, you are liable to a statement of offense of $ 200 in addition to the costs so it is better not to play with it 😇

#4 Quebec Spots Advice

If you are looking for new spots around Montreal, in Quebec or around the world, there is an application called GoPaddling downloadable on App Store and Android allowing you to locate all the spots saved by the community and save them in your favorites for your next road trips! 🚍

There is various information on the embarkation point, on-site parking and accommodations on site 😊

Don't hesitate to send us photos of your outings and we'll repost you in our story! 📲

#5 I can go in the rapids with my inflatable board. TRUE OR FALSE ?

The answer is TRUE! Indeed, you can go in the rapids with your ALL-AROUND board without any problem! Given the current water level, you can remove your central fin (the largest) so as not to touch the rocks.

#6 How to react in SUP as soon as the return to the shore is too difficult in case of strong winds? 💨

Indeed in case of strong winds or big waves, lie down on the board if you cannot reach the edge of the bank and row with your arms. Slide the blade of the paddle between the board and yourself at chest level so as to block it, making sure to keep the handle in front of you. 🏄‍♀️

You will lower your center of gravity, you will be less affected by the wind and you will have more control over your board to reach the shore.

#7 Is it yes or no, it is possible to put your board on the roof of a car without crossbars?

So, YES it is possible ✔️. Obviously, crossbars or "soft rack" type attachment systems are more recommended for transporting the board over long distances, but nothing prevents the user from not using them.

When transporting a board without the accessories listed above, we must have 2 foam pads on hand (the famous pool noodles are an excellent option) and two straps with cam buckles. Ratchet systems are not recommended, as they could damage your equipment if over-tightened.

When you have these props in hand, you can put the board on top of the car, fins up in front of the car.

Always on the roof of the vehicle, you position your pads at the front and the back of the board.

Last step, you pass your straps in the car and pass them over the board to then tighten them. The first strap passes through the front doors and the second through the rear doors.

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