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#1 Where was the Stand Up Paddle born?

The answer is Polynesia!

Indeed, the SUP was born from the Polynesian kings on huge boards cut from tree trunks. It was then brought to Hawaii in the 1940s and 50s with the first Beach Boys on Waikiki beach. 🏄‍♀️

The discipline turned to other practices such as SUP Surfing thanks to athletes like Laird Amilton or Dave Kalama. We can also find the racing SUP or the Cruising for walks with family, friends or our pets on the water bodies as is done a lot in Quebec.

#2 How many tonnes of waste are discharged into rivers around the world each year? 🐟

The answer is: 8 MILLION tons of waste are thrown into our rivers every year!! Let's all mobilize together for the future of our sport and the good of our bodies of water

#3 Which of the two boards was faster and which was more stable for the same board lengths and widths?

Indeed, the pointed front of the board makes it easier to cut through choppy water and better follow the movement of the swell. Indeed, this explains the shape of touring boards which are very sharp and allow you to achieve long distances.

On the other hand, a pointed board will reduce the surface area in front and increase instability. This is why a board with a rounded nose is preferable for people looking for stability.

#4 What is the element that allows you to maintain such great pressure in your inflatable board while keeping its shape?

A) The PVC layer(s)
B) Polyester filaments
C) The carpet
D) Answers A and B

ANSWER D): The board can hold its shape mostly thanks to the PVC layers as well as the polyester filaments. This technology is called DROPSTITCH.

The mat is simply to help you stay stable on the board 😁

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