Comment adapter la pompe électrique pour l'utiliser sur les anciennes générations de Ten Toes - {{ SUP Montreal }}

If you purchased a Ten Toes (or Retrospec MSL) inflatable paddle board before 2020, recent electric pumps unfortunately did not fit.

You should know that the valve was not yet universal. Like many brands, a few years ago each company had a slightly different tip.

The good news is that we have found a silicone gasket that makes the Retrospec Electric Pump compatible with older generations of Ten Toes and Retrospec boards. Here is the product you need: ADAPTER

Simply take the black silicone seal (the smallest) and insert it on the pipe of the electric pump.

How do I know if my board is from an older generation?

Two ways:

  • It says TEN TOES on the board
  • On the manual pump, the silicone seal is RED in color as in the photo below

If one of the two statements is true, you have an old generation board

old generation ten toes pump

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